EST. 2014

Prouniciation: Ma-on-jed-meh


Miigwetch for Visiting...

Mino Giizhigad...

​Have a good day!!

working framework

To provide a meaningful and balanced working relationship for the People, bringing together a unique balance of Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures, knowledges and gatherings in a positive, professional setting.

Maawnjidmi Getting Together works with  Indigenous beliefs, principles, customs and traditions of the Anishinaabek Nation. 

We incorporate these values with quality and teamwork, and have the drive for the betterment of the people, customers, clients and partnerships.  We are organized in a wholistic and positive manner. 

cultural vision


Maawnjidmi Getting Together’s vision 

is to work with and for the people, reflecting and promoting

Indigenous cultural values, principles and traditions.

Our goals: achieving successful and meaningful outcomes, enhancing the wholistic well-being of individuals 

and communities in the shaping of

nations, working across all

generations, from the

youngest to oldest. 


Getting Together