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POTATO DANCE SPECIAL (Fundraised $50.00)

$25/each + Framed Certificate "Chi Pow Wow Potato Dance Champion

DONATION OF CDs.....Chi-Miigwetch Bryden Gwiss Kiwenzie for your generous in-kind donation of your 1st & newly released Round Dance & Beats cd. A generous donation of 20 cds. Chi-Miigwetch Liz Osawamick for your generous in-kind donation of your cd, children's hand drum songs in the Ojibway language Binoojiinh Ngamwinan. A generous donation of 25 cds. Chi-Miigwetch Black Bull Moose Siingers for your generous in-kind donation of your newly released cd, Making Tracks. A generous donation of 20 cds. 

Miigwetch for the support!! Proceeds from the sales of cds went towards a Hand Drum Special.  A total of $210.00 was fundraised! The remaining cds were given at spot dances & at the giveaway.

Hand Drum Results (Best out of 15pts.)

1st Place: Skooden (13.5 pts.) 2nd Place: Fur Traders (11.0 pts.) 3rd Place: Twins & A Ton (9.5 pts.)

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Chi Miigwetch😊 for working in harmony with the planning in utilizing the track & area for the Chi Pow Wow, Laurentian University's Senior Manager, Facility & Operations, Mike Sabourin and to the City of Greater Sudbury's Manager of Volunteerism & Community Development, Chris Gore.

The Community Track is municipally owned and maintained by the City of Greater Sudbury which is on Laurentian University's property.



Chi Miigwetch to Ontario Northland for the transportation (train & bus) valued at $1,500, for six youth from the High Ridge Singers invited drum group to travel from Moosonee to Sudbury, with return.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: :) Chi Miigwetch to Kina Gbezhgomi Child & Family Services for your support as a KIND SPONSOR for the Chi Pow Wow!! The sponsorship will cover a M.C. and 2 invited drum groups: Black Bull Moose Singers & High Eagle! 

Also, Kina Gbezhgomi Child & Family Services offered free CULTURAL TEACHINGS & ACTIVITIES throughout the Chi Pow Wow!! 

Chi Miigwetch to Native Bebe for sponsoring a give-away ($5 & a gift) for a TINY TOT SPECIAL.

Chi Miigwetch to the City of Greater Sudbuy's (Tourism) Event Support Fund grant contribution, the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation Arts and Culture Grand Fund and to the City of Greater Sudbury Transit for providing a discount rate to the Chi Pow Wow!!

Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation donated $1,000 that went towards meals for singers, dancers & volunteers.

Weston Bakeries (www.weston.ca): Donated 50 dinner rolls that went towards the meals & give-away.              


Chi Miigwetch to the University of Sudbury's Department of Indigenous Studies in booking the venue, Laurentian Community Track for the Chi Pow Wow!!

Chi Miigwetch for all the support at Sudbury's Largest Yard Sale event & FB purchasers...

we fundraised $200 for a DRUM GROUP SURPRISE SPECIAL! Each drum group (excl. host), were randomly given a dance category, a span of duct tape & a garbage bag to make a regalia. A selected singer from the drum group, then had to dance-off to their category! 

Chi Miigwetch to the Moose Cree First Nation for your support with the partial sponsorship for the invited youth drum group: HIGH RIDGE SINGERS!!

Chi Miigwetch for the Support Sponsorship from Laurentian University's Indigenous Student Affairs for the organized communication and sponsorship to cover the cost of security guards to assist with the parking coordination for the Chi Pow Wow!!

Chi Miigwetch to Rocky's Lake Wahnapitae for donating 60 pouches of semaa (tobacco) that was utlized at Grand Entries, Sacred Fire & other (offerings).

EST. 2014

Prouniciation: Ma-on-jed-meh

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