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EST. 2014

Prouniciation: Ma-on-jed-meh


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​​​​​Chi Pow Wow Survey 2015

The cultural gathering (event) is based on the interest given from the People in response to the Chi Pow Wow survey that was conducted in 2015. For further results, please contact Crystal Osawamick via email or review the summary on Maawnjidmi Getting Together's Facebook page: Post: August 6, 2015. 

One of the main goals for this event, is for the people to come together in a good way and celebrate life itself, through shared memories of song, dance, and socializing in a sound and promotional environment that is drug and alcohol free. 

Also, to have others work together such as First Nations, companies, corporations, organizations, agencies, businesses and others to come together as well, in making this event transpire via in-kind support contributions. Therefore, the event is based on fundraising, monetary contributions and donations.


Based from the results of the survey, the majority of respondents who reside within the jurisdiction of the City of Greater Sudbury are in favour of having a Chi Pow Wow, within a high Aboriginal population urban setting.

As expressed, there is a need and an interest for promoting and sharing the culture to the non-indigenous population in creating educational Indigenous awareness that is hoped to minimize racism and negative stereotypes. Providing an opportunity to build communal relationships by coming together in a celebratory event with the diversity of other ethnic backgrounds, is just some of the key points addressed within the survey. The Indigenous people are in need to revitalize, preserve and to make a connection to their culture on building a sense of identity and promoting wellness holistically for the younger to the older generations.

Overall, Maawnjidmi Getting Together strongly recommends to have a large cultural event in a central location for the people and community, as there are many key issues that were expressed within the survey.  To have a Chi Pow Wow in Sudbury, has the potential to be economically viable to the Sudbury area and also provides the ample opportunity to build healthier individuals, enlarging the community and the shaping of stronger nations.

Miigwetch Merci Thank-you

Crystal Osawamick
Executive Planner (volunteer)
Maawnjidmi Getting Together


​An update & overview of cultural event will be posted soon!  Miigwetch